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  1. The future of legend games

    The way things seems right now, it looks like future sts games are gonna be like pocket legends. Everyone is gonna quit. The thing is with AL, it is such a pay to win game it's ridiculous. Locks locks locks plat plat plat. New leaderboard events are making sts rich. Crazy prices are happening now! Who knows how things are gonna end up.
  2. Pvp at endgame

    Quote Originally Posted by Riptank View Post
    Geez, what's wrong in ganging and being ganged??! nothing.. This is just a game, a simple red and blue battle.. If you're out numbered then just LEAVE the arena, have you ever played other games?..What you guys wanna do in PVP? just chat? if enemy alone ask for 1v1? if 1 is being ganged just watch and stand in any corner?.. just flag don't participate in ganging? blah kids. PVP is Player VS Player no matter what the numbers are, there's no rules about ganging and I don't think it should be a big
  3. Holidays at Kraken!

    I decided to take few days off (Do not blame me, I have been clearing those dungeons without rest for week!). <br />
    Since I was pretty new at my guild, I thought there will be problems with master, but my fortune was bright and master was careless about new peoples in guild (Well I can not blame her, Elondrians are ready to close portal to our world, so all guild masters and officers need to show their respect and give farewell gifts to other world's peoples to show great will from ...

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  4. meet the aeternians :)

  5. I guess this is the end..

    Not of my blog, but my legacy. I've had fun playing this game since December 25, 2010 and seeing myself grow in maturity and the game grow in content as well. I'll miss all friends who played with me and even my enemies that I killed constantly.

    Here I'll post the full story of why I got banned. Honestly it's very unfair.

    I was PvPing on Gfscrub (my 30) and met a level 22 fox that went by the name Fastnblack. He was a super nice guy so I taught him the triple fox combo ...