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  1. Elondria Revisited

    Quote Originally Posted by Xorrior View Post
    This is how I imagine Elondria and its people to be :-

    And now some faery dust.....
    These videos are not mine, but I did create similar stuff and machinima. I miss those days badly and hopefully after rengol elite and using up all my plat and gold I'll shoot off

    And no you ...
  2. Hotfix 8/7 | Changes to Ursoth's Assault

    Quote Originally Posted by illidan View Post
    well, this event is disapointment for me. Ive very enjoyed first Ursoth ! I had amazing memories from it and pretty nice bag of gold (3m) ....I was looking forward to this event since winter .....but when it started I was totaly disapointed . here is list of things that r pretty backward :

    1. There is no Mythic weapon in this event - most of endgame ppl play event for myth weapons or some kind of good gear , but in this event we miss myth weapon or other armor parts ...corrupted items
  3. Remiem's Weekly Community Update | August 5, 2015

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    Elondria needs YOU!

    Greetings Legends, and welcome to your weekly community update!

    Upcoming Events

    Ursoth's Assault

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    The day has finally arrived! Ursoth's Assault will begin this week! The horrible troll Ursoth has unknowingly allowed an Orc Blood enter Elondria through one of his portals. Bloodgrub has dealt in dark magic her whole life and is terrified of the afterlife.