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  1. % elite damage question

    Quote Originally Posted by Futumsh View Post
    Elite damage affects everything in maps tagged as elite, including bosses. Maus and Deep Marsh are not considered elite. Timekeeper's Crypt is. Hydra and Infested were the elite maps for the Festerfang expansion.
  2. Suspicious Activity In Windmoore @Devs

    Quote Originally Posted by Flamesofanger View Post
    Decided to open a thread on this subject after months of observing these malicious idle sorcerers.

    I'm not sure if these are bots specifically catered to generating dirty gold for the black market or an attempt to create superficial traffic (Something related to the recent DDOS flood the forums underwent).

    Either way, please look into this.

    Name:  Suspicious activity 1.jpg
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    Name:  suspicious activity 2.jpg
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  3. 2019-09-20 Content Update (268513)

    Quote Originally Posted by TzatOps View Post
    + The Forgotten Vanity Vendor mini-event returns this weekend with a special selection of items for sale!
    + Hunt zombies in Old Town for a chance to spawn 'Gonzalo,' the Vanity Thief and browse his wares.
    + Reduced frequency of the Aegis' sword combo.
  4. Weapon Combos

    Quote Originally Posted by Purifysoul View Post
    I've already talked about weapon combos & explained why they're no good for the game's PvP in previous threads. Nobody disagreed with me about those threads I've made about the weapon combos as it's about luck, so I decided to make a Poll, since I feel like my previous threads about this problem didn't really lure the developer's attention much.
    Once again, PvP shouldn't be based on luck. There were weapon combos in the Old Dark Legends PvP, through out lvl36, etc. But it was very rare,
  5. Weapon Combo

    Quote Originally Posted by IShootFirst View Post
    Remove weapon combo please, no one likes it. we want a real pvp experience not some luck ****
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