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  1. *Sell Immortal Staff / Dragon Staff*

    Quote Originally Posted by sunny2306 View Post
    7.2m for immo
    Ign acqilles
    Pm In Game Ing: Gatzo
  2. [S] Elondria warlord lvl 62 belt 80%gl full awake clean

    give me your offer and ill pming u in game
  3. Mount/rideable pets system idea

    Quote Originally Posted by Musclelimit View Post
    i think you should add rideable mounts because it would make the game more enjoyable but forget that sentence i said and let me tell you how it would work.

    where would rideablepet/mounts be used?
    Rideable mounts are only rideable in cities,towns,houses and pve maps but not pvp maps

    What boosts would the rideable pets/mounts have? (this idea is optional sts)
    each mount will have 1 option of boost so etc.......2% strength or 5%luck but these boosts would
  4. [Selling] Himingleva's armour for rogue

    Sell himingleva armor (rog) offers
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  5. Frank vest for sell

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