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  1. Mage is so weak in solo (just letting u guys knw)

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    why are arguing about each other opinions ?
    i say let tanks be and give mages a buff maybe a bigger fireball or clock XD, us mages just wanna feel like we are actual controlling the crowd
  2. Readology won a tourney and still scams? Lol

    Quote Originally Posted by OneVsAll View Post
    @cinco please help me out here, his account is known to be a sold account and is being used by multiple people. If it cannot be banned for not paying a 50m wager it can be banned for that. Can u please look into his account and it being shared? Thank you >_<!
  3. Wew

    Been through a lot in this game seen a lot of drama many changes,given up quite a few back now tho,and this is my winning streak this is my year to make it big on this game....anyone who sees this everything happens for a reasons and every bad choice u make leads to an even bigger luck draw in the future your cards right,im still and teenager and ive learnt a lot from playing this game than i ever did in school....socialize ,grind make friends never know,looting something ...
  4. Tour of Arlor: The Sequel | Week Three

    Quote Originally Posted by khelic View Post

    Elite Nordr

    Jurn Woods
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    Mount Spyr

    Oltgar Keep

    Crystal Caverns

    Hall of Valheim

    Elite Shuyal

    Shadow Plains

    Forest Breach

    Forest of Shades

    Undim Fields

    Ashral Tower
  5. Tour of Arlor: The Sequel | Week Three

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