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  1. Abbreviations

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    I see. Thanks for the clarification and yes, I'm a mage
    But I do not get what you mean by "mostly 2 out of 3 increase hp, but not equally same". pls further elaborate?
    If you're a rogue:
    1 DEX = 3 HP
    1 INT = 5 HP
    1 STR = 10 HP

    If you're mage:
    1 INT = 3 HP
    1 DEX = 5 HP
    1 STR = 10 HP

    If you're warrior:
    1 STR = 10 HP
    1 INT = 3 HP
    1 DEX = 3 HP
  2. Sell ImmoStaff,Endset 16%arm,90%aa,Taint staff

  3. CTF Without Doors

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    To help achieve flag achievements alone

    suggestions for improving:


    "Plus an increase to the amount of flags in the map to 50 or 100"
  4. wariors 1hit the boss?

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    I don't know why the devs listen to making class all like rogues, then what's the point of class system?

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    It looks like things have gone way too far to go back and try balance classes, so the best way to "balance" things is to make classes similar with one another. I think that's why we're seeing a boost of Damage for all classes, and less importance to things such as Tanking or being the Support/Healer or whatever. Basically,
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