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  1. The Mother of All Reinventions

    Been a while. Tried a few more games but everything slid off like... off a hot buttered pan. Spliced a couple of new ones up for Youtube but never uploaded. MMO burnout is real.

    Somewhere in the backdrop within the few years, Konami drops Kojima harder than the bass on some ubiquitous Armin van Buuren track. Square EA's soon follows. Then another Japanese dev gets dropped. Then the Danish team for Hitman. And then and then and then. Crickes. Been watching as all the big ...

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  2. NAB Guide Frequently Asked Questions

    Sick of answering same questions so many times so here you go kids!

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  3. A Brief History of Spacetime Studios

    Spacetime Studios (STS) is a games development studio, based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2005 by a small group of experienced PC MMO game developers: Gary Gattis, Cinco Barnes, Anthony L. Sommers and Jake Rodgers. With experience developing such games as Wing Commander and Star Wars Galaxies, the start-up was created with the aim to create Sci-Fi MMOs for the PC market.

    In 2005, Spacetime Studios was founded by a group of developers with collaborative experience working on such titles ...
  4. L105 PVP Tournament

    Quote Originally Posted by Mine AGK View Post
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    -Sincerely bears everywhere
    Lol ban staffs but no ban on bows? LOL why not just ban all 2h

    Please do not quote others, as this may cause a reaction that may lead to drama. This would be against the rules I also stated. If you do post anything as a reply to what another posts, please keep it positive and not negative. This would be considered though as a warning.
  5. Goldfinger's Collectible SALE !

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    Leave your IGN and offer down below, leave me a pm or just contact me in game: Goldfinger (add me in game if im offline)


    Wrath Of Bael Sword (4x)(31lvl,36lvl)
    Captain Axe (2x) (26lvl)
    Depraved Blade (2x) (25-26lvl)
    Tidal Sword (25lvl)
    Steel Commando Blade (18lvl)

    Deep Sea Jacket (2x) (16lvl)


    Brown Heraldic Set (Armor 15lvl Helm 10lvl)
    Flurry Vest (21lvl)
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