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  1. <Tranquil> Be At Ease - Have Some Fun

    Today I pinned Tranquil on the map.

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    Tranquil is a guild where members can be at ease and experience the joy of playing. We believe in honorable conduct and embrace the spirit of competition. Our guild leadership works diligently to ensure drama is minimized and fun is maximized. Satisfy your curiosity, come join the Tranquil family!


    Preferred Levels: 15 - 41
    PvE: Normals, Elites, & Elite
  2. Can rogues dodge skills?

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    Test results comparing Samael's terrify used on Rogue (45.56% dodge) and used on Warrior (5.22% dodge):


    Conclusion, dodge does not assist rogues against movement-impairing pet Arcane Abilities.

    Zeus nab.

    Updated 09-02-2014 at 09:46 AM by Madnex

  3. Arcane shard drop rate 1/10000000000000 ?

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    seller of shard = 2/99999999999999999999999999 ?

    hard to find

  4. Mission Crabs! - Holidays at Kraken aditional story!

    "Have you ever heard about those Crabs at The Isles of Kraken? No, I do not mean those crabs whom have awesome taste of meat, I am talking about those Evolved ones!
    They are Chaos and Evil creatures.
    They are famous for they cruelty and impresive, ugly philosophy "Every being who have not evolved" (They are originaly from true crabs, but within a centuries they have become something new, something who gives you a fear when you look at it) "Is not worth of standing ...
  5. buying axes 31

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    buying axes 31 pm me
    IGN: Ladywillow

    offer: sanguine topx2, max gold, ghost, sanguine hat, eagle mask