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  1. A Letter for Non-Plat Players

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    when gloom came out i was ready to flip...then i found out they fixed the death glitch that alows you to get 3 tokens every run/ 1 for passing the end line and 2 for the 2 times you went back and killed yourself in an acid puddle and like all together with the quests was like 5 tokens../it has changed now to 4 tokens the first time with quests and 1 token every other run witch means (harder token farming). Altough its worth it all because of gloom XD! whitch is about 925 HT (huntlet tokens) correct
  2. Why do we game?

    I am an older gamer, a single mother of a teenager, and sole supporter of the two of us. When I get off of work and get time to relax I log onto AL just to have some fun and destress a bit. Lately however, I have noticed that I am getting more and more hateful messages from players that just happen to be wandering by for no apparent reason. I don't get it. Do we (they) have nothing better to do? Are they off of their meds? Do they have an overinflated ego that I am not stroking as I very well should ...
  3. Winstrom's Tales#1 part 1: New friends

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    a wandering weaver of songs, a virtuoso of vibrant deeds. Yes I'm talking about a minstrel. But Winstrom isn't just any old bard that sends you in a story, as our heroes learn as they face the threats and unsung heroes of Arlor's past,learn the origins of the most powerful beings and learn the secrets of the past,present and even...the future

    Helfdane sat quietly in his guild's hall watching his fellow mates, Trim and Shadox quarrel over some stupid topic which is too trivial to
  4. Sell l15 rogue and warrior twink gear

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    Eerie potency sold

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    I'm on al now come pm me
  5. Hello my name is Jeff.

    I bet you've come across those names in AL that are so hard to type or even pronounce that your head starts to hurt.

    For example :

    A : hello my name is Ioeabaoaumeueao
    B : hello erm...Ioea.b.aoaum...*eyes go funny*....eue..*head now hurts, gives up runs away screaming*

    Simple solution :

    A : Hello I'm Xorr, pronounced as Zorr.
    B : Hello Xorr (pronounces it as Zorr) nice to meet you.
    A : Now that you know my name purdy ...

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