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  1. pvp weapons

    Wats the best weapon for pvp that cost less than 1mill??

    Updated 07-10-2014 at 11:36 AM by bluemurderer

  2. Second Day! ~Syberg

    So much happened on second day!
    My journey began at tavern, sitting down on chair and listening bard's tale.
    Bard sang about crazy sorcerer adventures in Watcher Tombs' Level 3, how he was killing all those monsters without any breaks. Once, when hero thought to leave the tomb for medicine. He fell in love, with Aid. She was princess doughter, but the curse made her look like ugly frog.
    Hero was a mage, and he knew that if someone would date the princess.
    She would be no-frog! ...
  3. Need help cant login in my Facebook account (AL)

    It says their a error
    When i try to login it says error

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  4. My Arcane Story

    My name is Prahi.

    First off this is my first MMO and I'm such a noob that I don't that we have pots to increase health and mana even though I'm level 16 then I gotta know them....later on started to know how to play and made some good friends.

    While the journey continued I used to work hard for the gold by farming the elites,locks and so on...later known the method of mearching and made enough gold to buy my mythic set with the help of some friends....later on learned PVP ...
  5. What's your Arcane Legends entry - Meazebit,Savior of Arlor

    Deep in the woods of Dead City,a place known as the Arcanum Grounds,ruled Lord Mardom,leader of the Undead Army.One of the surbodinates of Lord Mardom,a powerful evil mage named Krodo,was ordered to protect the Sacred Artifact in Arcanum Grounds in order to prevent the Heroes of Legend from destroying it.Lord Mardom knew Krodo himself could not protect the artifact,so he commanded Krodo to create an evil apprentice to be one one of the elite evil mages of Arlor.

    After a day or two,the ...

    Updated 07-13-2014 at 05:15 AM by Meazebit