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  1. Worms are awesome!

    Hello everyone!!!!!!111!!!!11!

    How are the kids doing on their last weeks from ETERNAL TORTUREEEE aka school?
    Turns out my little brother completely forgot about his summer homework.
    You know how they hand out all these summer-reading logs before school ends?
    Well, they decided to do that electronically this summer...and my parents marked the link as spam, since they rarely receive any valuable email from out school.
    So with all that reading to do, I ...
  2. selling some pvp stuff 3

    Helllo its me koolpandajr and koolpanda ... ive put some good twink items in Cs its level 10 pink sled .. l15 pink talon ... um wat else... i have more just u gotta look for them.. oh and srybif i rushed u in pvp i only rush when im pissed or they rush someone else ... oh ya just remeberd i was also sellin a level 20

    Snow ball launcher :P and l15 GREEN toy in Cs so buy them my peeps if ya want them :3 oh and ... bye ? Ok pandas still rule and ranbow ones to.... bye √ |_|_V ...
  3. HELP! I'm bored and I don't know what to do on the Internet!

    Hey there again!

    Lemme ask you guys a VERY VERY difficult question.

    Have you guys ever been bored?
    Bored, as in not having any homework to do?
    Bored, as in after playing some consecutive hours of PL and your eyes, fingers, and hands hurt?
    Well, when that happens, you just need to waste some time doing nonsense on the Internet!
    (Trust me, this happened to me today.)

    Grab a PC, and get ready for a little ...
  4. Weekly PvE Tips: 2

    Farming Items/Gold

    First you have to know that farming is. Farming is when players repeat a dugeon or area of a dungeon over and over to try to obtain an item or just cash.

    Farming Cash
    Usually players go to a part of the dungeon where shadows automatically respawn and stay there for awhile and gain gold from kills. Remember the more people you have is the less gold you will get every time u gain some gold.

    Farming Items
    Usually when players are ...
  5. The Olympics, and NBC this year.

    Last Sunday, the closing ceremony of the Olympics took place.

    Now I've watched a few Olympics before, but I've gotta say this one was probably the most memorable.
    Even though I actually managed to get a real close-up seat in the 2008 Bei Jing Olympics, 2012 London will be much more remembered.

    A few factors would include:
    Woman's Gymnastics, all that buzz about the team
    Usain Bolt, fastest man on Earth
    All that stuff about China's hardcore ...