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  1. Upcoming Dungeon Campaign: "The Lost Expedition!" (Level 25 - 30)

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    Hi there!

    We wanted to let you know about some content that we are polishing and prepping for release next week:

    Our next Dungeon Campaign is entitled "The Lost Expedition!" This campaign series takes you to the frozen heights of 'Snowpeak Mountain' where massive ice caves await - filled with evil Frost Knight mercenaries and their vicious Yeti partners!

    One of the most impressive aspects of "The Lost Expedition" is the 'frozen' outdoor
  2. Pocket Legends is now available for free download to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

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    It has been a long time coming and a labor of love, but we are very pleased to announce that Pocket Legends is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

    With whatever device you use, download the game from the App Store, create an account, pick a class and dive into the big world there!

    If you're looking for more information ...
  3. Almost there...

    We are excited to announce that our product will launch on Saturday, April 3rd! The development has been done in secrecy (itís neither Blackstar nor Empire of Night), and we are almost ready to show our baby to the world. Thanks for all of your support, and stay tuned for a revolutionary experience!
  4. Welcome

    Hello folks, just a quick blurb to let you know that we are building a product that we consider to be the most fun, most revolutionary thing we have worked on in years. It is happening fast (thanks to our engine) and we will be talking more about it when we can, but for now rest assured that we are happy and healthy and working away on a game that is going to fundamentally change the way that people play together. Seriously.