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  1. Well soon it'll be my birthday whats the event gonna be for SL ???

    I am awaiting the News i say Where's it at 🤗 looking and looking lets here some input fellow and female SL players 🤗 ????
  2. Ready for SL Event got stuff in for Platinum Where is it ? 😊

    Where's the SL News posts for New Event or Bank Bot runs i looking out for it??? Got Guild friends waiting on it too :-)
  3. Suggestions For Star Legends the Blackstar Chronicles :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jedibombom View Post
    Boughten Store items need to be able to be sold at Auction Terminal not say cannot sell item like it says and lower the prices in store its way high i like buying platinum its just really high on vanitys and stuff during event its really high 50 platinum for pink shields and zone vanity hunting hard on android device user like mine i like Winterfest but we need day by day incentives to help us earn hard way or buy platinum way thats how you bring in us customers
  4. Looking for a SL event 🤩

    Question i wanna know is when is it and whats it got and my player ready to get at it 🤠 ?
  5. Grand Opening of the STS Games Discord Community!

    Quote Originally Posted by Deusagor View Post
    ~:!Grand Opening!:~

    Name:  1041_discord_gif_benc.gif
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    STS Discord (Community)

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    !About Us!

    This Discord community has the sole purpose of uniting everyone onto one single lively platform with unique features to keep us connected all the time and not
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