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  1. Ways to die in elite ren'gol

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    Ways to die - in elite ren'gol

    1. PvP build

    Orc nab! Can't win without gang!

    2. The axe throw

    Let's run to boss! What's that axe?

    *pull back*


    3. Orc giant auto

    Of course I'm out of range...


    4. I can run no shield!

    I can go 4 attack skills!...

    RIP ankhs...

    5. What's that

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  2. For all those who cry over no updates to DL,PL

    You all might know but still I wanted to remind all those sad people.

    JustG said:

    We will no longer be updating Pocket, Star, or Dark Legends. We also will no longer be updating Battle Dragons or Arcane Battlegrounds. This includes weekly 2x bonuses and seasonal events. We are not sunsetting (shutting down) these games. We will keep all of them running for the foreseeable future, but we are not going to be adding anything new. The drain is simply too great on our limited ...

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  3. Best way that the Dark Legends will again great game! (to support)

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    Hello STS support!
    I know that you no care this game anymore.. So please sell this game to one other company!! I think many conpany will give you offer for this game and if you sell then the DL again will be very good game because i think the new support will update and give us events allways and they will get so much profit bexause this game no died and if the players see that have allways updates and events then more and more players will play with this game and more and more players will
  4. check this out--this came in the mail today!!

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    Thanks for reading

    This is true!!

    did anyone laugh? I guess no
  5. Selling

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    Thanks <3 :-)
    ah and a little sidenote, if u ever get bored of 15, head on up to 27 with me! It would be a pleasure 'recking' with you

    ibake (my 27 bear)

    oh and if u didnt know i am legallydrunk.