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  1. Trusting is gambling

    with ARCANE LEGENDS since this is played by real people and you can actually make friends in game

    have fun, laughs, companion, love almost everything

    and of course out of all of those, TRUST comes above of it all...

    now can you really trust a player??
    YES-- but you have to set boundaries, trust your instinct and hope for the best lol

    you can never be too gullible like me i have a lot friends.. I can't help it im too friendly...

    Updated 02-08-2017 at 05:10 PM by princessraia

  2. Ajaxfall's Gold Guide (MUST READ!!!)

    [QUOTE=Meemaw;1684731]Ajaxfall's Merching Guide - "Richness awaits you"

    Hello viewer, I am your friendly neighbourhood's Spiderman- *Panics* ah- I.. I mean Meemaw.... (That was close)

    Today I'm going to show you how to get massive money. Now, I'm going to be 100% honest, and everything I'm telling you, I've been through. These are personal experiences! So... lets get started! :)

    Step 1: "To make money, you have to have money!" ...
  3. What is Cazteri worth?

    I have for a pretty long time wondered how much Cazteri is worth (Gear in gold and platinum). Today, I did a calculation of it with the prices of the items now days.

    Cazteri is worth about...

    2 233 000 Gold
    800 Platinum

    This is the value of Cazteri, my level 15 warrior twink, today.
    The gold sums all of the gear I have in my inventory almost all of the time (and also uses), but the platinum is only calculated with the items I use most frequently. ...
    Pocket Legends