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  1. What's YOUR Arcane Legend: Svvirl's Past

    Sven, one of the bravest warriors in the world, is married to the greatest archer in the world, Virlle.

    Both of them decided to live in peace and harmony with their daughter, a young sweet girl named Svvirl, away from all the darkness and tragedy of the world. But one day, Sven had to leave because everything is at chaos in arlor. He must return to that world and save everyone.

    But the oh so powerful Inan-hesh killed him with just one strike along with his companions! ...
  2. The Story Of Ajaxfalls

    Once upon a time, there was a little warrior pygmy. He had huge arms, tiny legs, huge torso, and tine head. He lived in the city of Kraag. One day, there were cannons firing, and Ajax's home got bombed down. His father and mother died during the attack. Ajax was raised by Gustav soon after that. After Bael killed Gustav, the [I]Hereldric sign of Arlor[/I] appeared on Ajax's chest. He knew he was the chosen one! He promised Gustav that he would avenge him. Little Ajax was given a nickname; [I]Soap[/I]. ...
  3. BSC: Mad's World Part 2

    A bolt of energy went “skree!” past Mad Will’s head and put an end to a vular attempting to climb up from one of the ventilation shafts. A bright streak blinded him inside his helmet and somewhere a small beep indicated that yet another set of optic sensors were burned beyond repair.

    Will removed his helmet and blinked, trying to adjust his vision. He shot a blind, yet rueful glare at Vince, who was admiring his handiwork and chewing some gum he’d picked up off ...

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  4. BSC: Mad's World part 1

    The whine of the transport pad faded and Mad Will looked around the dim corridor through the graphic enhanced HUD of his helmet. The commando to his right was still chattering on about the bar fight he’d won about 3 lunar weeks ago and adjusting the settings on his heavy cannon. Stale air rustled posters with childlike drawings of Vular with various anti-human slogans marching along under them in stilted procession.

    “So I said “I bet you a hundred credits I can drink ...

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