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  1. Progress Update #8

    Now it's finally time for another progress update and this time I've got some stuffs for you!

    What I've done since the latest post:
    • Created a Level 15 Warrior Guid here on the forums (Click here)
    • Bought Trasher Pwnage Punch to get [Zillionaire] title on Cazteri as well
    • Bought another Level 15 Winter Fest Tinsel Talon (Currently on sale)
    • Bought Auto-Crossbow of Finesse
    • Created a new Regen Preset giving me 10 H/s and 6 M/s
    • Continued to merch, estimated about 1.5m
  2. [Guide]Choosing Your Class...

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoardseeker View Post
    New to Game? Don't know which Class is Best? Here's a Depth Answer to Choose your Class!

    First, There is No best Class,Everyone likes Each Class due to It's Special Ability,

    Let's See into them,


    Attribute Point
    •Warriors Spend Their Attribute points in Str(Strength)

    •They got the Most HP(Health)

    •They Lack in Critical hit and Dodge

    •They Lack in Mana

    •They Got the
  3. Need Help? Consult the Arcane Legends Minutemen!

    Quote Originally Posted by Zylx View Post
    Minutemen Group:

    We are the Arcane Legends Minutemen! We help those who need assistance with bosses, elites, map completion, quests, advice, etc. We are frequently available to help those in trouble, and will humbly assist anyone who needs help.

    The name "Minutemen" was derived from the members of a militia who were said to have been able to get
  4. --> THE L.15 Complete Mage Guide.

    Quote Originally Posted by Etarbitrev View Post
    Various people have asked me to do a Level 15 Enchantress Guide so seeing as though I'm not going to be doing 15-20 alot anymore I thought I'd share my "secrets" lol.

    BEWARE THIS IS ONE HELL OF A GUIDE ITS VERY LONG --> but on the + side its EVERYTHING I know about 15 Mages (that i can think of atm) .

    There are various different builds you can use but different ones have different requirements (obviously) so I'll tell you the dis/advantages
  5. S6 Endgame Mage PvP Skills and Details

    Quote Originally Posted by Instanthumor View Post
    From a mage's perspective...

    This is what I use for PvP.

    4/5 Shield (without pushback) - every single mage uses this, with the same upgrades. Meaning the pushback on shield is pretty useless. The shield is used in every situation in PvP, because without it, mages are nothing.

    4/5 Fireball (without DoT) - this skill is fine. I will use the DoT in 1v1 rooms against rogues. There's nothing wrong with the DoT upgrade, it's just that without it, Curse

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