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  1. The Olympics, and NBC this year.

    Last Sunday, the closing ceremony of the Olympics took place.

    Now I've watched a few Olympics before, but I've gotta say this one was probably the most memorable.
    Even though I actually managed to get a real close-up seat in the 2008 Bei Jing Olympics, 2012 London will be much more remembered.

    A few factors would include:
    Woman's Gymnastics, all that buzz about the team
    Usain Bolt, fastest man on Earth
    All that stuff about China's hardcore ...
  2. Day of youtube.

    Urgh, my 30min youtube video took 8hours to upload with no sounds... 1.5x faster speed crack up the sounds part..
  3. Major Guild Problems!!

    Alright guys!
    I've been gone for the past week down the shore. I've put the game down for a bit and now my guild, Revelation, is collapsing! Everyone is leaving! :.(
    What should I blog about tomorrow?
    1) Why Revelation went down!
    2) What guild have talked to me and want to recruit me

    Post your opinion below! Winner is what I'll blog about!
    (Sorry bout the lack of blogs, hopefully I'm back!)
  4. Creepypasta #1- Smile.jpg

    This is my first blog on creepypastas.. a creepypasta is a scary/horror story that can be true, but very unlikely.
    I did not write this story, but there are many, many creepypastas and I really enjoy reading them, so I wanted to spread them about

    WARNING: The photo shown at the end of the story has caused many people to have explicit fits during sleep.

    Spread the word..
    I first met in person with Mary E. in the summer ...
  5. When the train of luck decides to pick me up...- Dark Legends

    WHENEVER i get a vanity i will update. So this blog will go on. It will end once i get the vanities i wish for. Gamers or undead mask...
    Please luck come to me...
    Gamers top- no..
    Gamers bottom- no..
    undead mask- In my dreams no..