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  1. Blog Guide: Crowd Control - what a Bear does best.

    This guide is primarily focused on educating new players on how to play a Bear and what it is capable of.

    Guide Objectives:

    1. To show what crowd control is and what it can do.
    2. To show what a bear has to effectively crowd control.
    3. To show how a bear can crowd control.

    What is Crowd Control?

    Crowd Control or CC, which from here on we will use, has this definition from Wikipedia:

    Crowd control (also called
  2. JSL's Guide to Reporting Bugs

    Our mighty QA team offer's up some good information about those pesky bugs and what to do about them - original post found at:

    It happens when you least expect it. You go to put on your new pair of pants when you realize that there's a texture missing. As you notice it, your Chairman Meow clips through the floor and a door explodes towards you instead of inward. They're all...

  3. Confused (Read only if you care about my sappy girl trouble)

    So, after reading Lowlyspy's article, I decided to post something similar. I have a friend in my grade whose name you wont know. I fell head over heels for her just last year, but it spiraled out of control as of mid-September. You see, she sits right next to me in band, History, and Math. She atleast likes me (as a friend), as she is dissapointed when we dont get to talk very much. She openly hugs me from time to time, says hi everytime we pass eachother in the halls, and says that she loves our ...

    Updated 11-16-2011 at 11:16 AM by Samhayne

  4. Party this weekend with the Ambassadors of Alterra

    Hear ye! Hear ye!

    Calling all residents of Alterra! This Saturday and Sunday, November 19th and 20th, we'll be holding a very special event across all townes.

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    You may have heard of the Ambassadors of Alterra - a group of residents dedicated to helping new Pocket Legends players get acquainted with the world. This is your chance to meet this awesome group and get to know them better.*

    The party will begin at ...
  5. Smitten @_@

    It seems that I am in the same situation as Redryder was (or is still in, idk, care to clarify red?).

    To elaborate more on the subject, I am currently a senior at my high school and I have encountered a girl that I am absolutely head over heels for (no she is not too young for me, thank god lol!) sadly she barely even knows I exist. We have the same english class together and at the beginning of the year we were placed on seperate sides of the classroom. Just recently we had our state ...