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  1. The <Chosen> - Playground of the Inner Rebel

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    28 Oct 2015

    -- Transmission from True --

    Dear everyone. I'm writing this posthumously (lol). I've honoured my word and haven't played the game since I deleted my avatars. However despite having kept my silence all this time, I do feel that I should at least post something private.. to give a bit of closure to anyone who's searching for it.. and to speak up for those who supported me. In doing so I'm speaking up for myself as well.

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  2. Very important info right here...

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    Very important informations here.......

    1. Soylent green is people!

    What is scaling Xorr ? A lot of people have asked me this question, I hope the following info clarifies the term.....

    2. Scaling

    In Euclidean geometry, uniform scaling (or isotropic scaling) is a linear transformation that enlarges (increases) or shrinks (diminishes) objects by a scale factor that is the same in all directions. The result of uniform scaling is
  3. Warrior - Mythic weapon armor

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    actually i feel very useful when fighting planar tomb3 boss as a warrior, especially last season

    and if sts ever release another boss that move can't be easily kited like t3 boss and hits hard like him, warrior will be a lot more useful than a mage which has most (or sometime, all) of their disabling skills don't work against boss

    anyway, with this weapon, warrior gets what they were asking before, a pve only buff, sadly it heavily depends on gears....
  4. List of the new level 77-80 elite items

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    New level 77-80 sets

    The new cap is already a few days old and i didn't found any useful list of the new items so i think we should try to create one together
    I couldn't find all items so pls tell me if u know the stats of a missing one
    Ill add pictures after we finished this list

    Level 77 - Elites





    Proj.5 Mage Swords
  5. TRI Official Forum (#tombraidersinc)

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    Tomb Raiders Inc. (TRI) is now recruiting serious, helpful, friendly players. We are a very organized and steadily growing guild. We have a very useful support system to keep players progressing smoothly throughout their arcane experience.

    Our Goal: Improve gameplay experience, build friendships and work as a team to help others aid in farming (EG), XP gain, and progress through the land of Arlor.