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  1. Guild Cloning

    Hi guys,

    I am speaking from my own experience on the game this morning. Today, I saw and I'm sure it is, a popursely created copy of an existing an original guild. I saw the guild title on a level 8. I, however will not mention names as I want to keep a discretion aswell as avoid sparking drama.

    The guild had maybe 2 letters in a different arrangement, but I am 100% sure it was a purpose attempt to copy a guild, and not just a new player unaware of guild names throughout ...
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  3. Ctf Lag!

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoaceb View Post
    This has been happening to a few people in Ctf or Dm. What has been happening is ping keeps exploding, everyone freezes, chat stops and your avatar can't move. You would have to re-log to make it work again. I have good connection but since an update this has been happening in every ctf game. my ping explodes then i have to re-log and it happens about 3-5 times. It's really bothering, wonder when it's gonna get fixed?
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  5. Accusation against me!

    Hello, bees!

    I just want to refute because I've recently come across of massive assault on my genuineness.
    I'm aware there is no enforcement that I should prove you anything but I let you see my good ticker.

    Let's live in harmony!

    Best Regards