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  1. buying para bow level 14

  2. scammer failed..haha

  3. Kalizzaa and I

    Quote Originally Posted by Xorrior View Post
    Elite run with the great Kalizzaa.....

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    And then Kalizzaa showed the LB pulls in Wilds and Jagged trail O.O I got murdered!!!!!!!!!!! But done
  4. Good memories :)

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    Pic this week hanging in gh...
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  5. Jewel farming using Jewel elixer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Terminhater View Post
    Simple Guide to Jewel farming using Jewel Elixer :

    1. Mage toon

    2. Spec DoT skillz

    3. Use DoT pet, Toor is legit, if you don't have it then use Gloom, makes it rain for a mage I know.

    4. Run elite wilds (pull large mobs) or normal misty grotto.

    5. Watch it rain! Erm til STS ninja nerf it LOL.

    You probably asking how I pull large when leashes have been shortened, well just aggro both mobs and stand in middle.