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  1. 'Bout time!!! :D

    Lately I've been itching to dissect something in biology... well... it turns out I'm going to get dissect something soon!!! :congratulatory:
    All I know is that it's going to be a crayfish, and some other fish that I've forgotten the name of..


  2. ooooo a blog

    Hey, can anybody please explain the purpose of a blog haha, it seems they are just the same as a thread to me
  3. New User Titles!

    Quote Originally Posted by Samhayne View Post
    I'm leaning toward keeping the titles somewhat minimum, to not encourage a lot of spam posting. What do you think about the following:

    0 posts – New Member
    30 posts – Junior Member
    50 posts - Member
    250 posts – Forum Adept
    500 posts – Senior Member
    1337 – ELITE
    5000 posts – Luminary Poster
    10000 posts - Forum Legend
    WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!

    p.s. i think imma just stop posting after 1337 XD
  4. Blog Blog!

    Quote Originally Posted by blox View Post
    devs now had a update where everyone can make new blogs! isnt that fun!
    i want u all to check other people's blogs and subscribe if u would like! support our fellow members!

    make sure to check other blogs!
  5. L60 Glyph Obedience Set Contest!

    Quote Originally Posted by Apollo View Post
    So, I am making a contest for the exclusive glyph obedience dagger set! This will last until 11/4/11. In order to be a fair chance for everybody, I am not going to do anything creative for this contest, as I want everybody to participate.

    •Pick a number from 1-1000.
    •Come up with a good reason as to why you want the set.
    •You may not use a number others have already guessed, so make sure you check beforehand, otherwise your entry will