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  1. wasted plats

    Allways click exlir by bymistake stat can fix that??? So we can avoid bymistake
    Thank you
  2. I have just started blogging...

    I have been playing arcane legends for years, and now I want to get into blogging, any help?
  3. arcane legends recommendations...

    What are some ideas you have for arcane legends?
  4. Ajaxfall's Gold Guide (MUST READ!!!)

    [QUOTE=Meemaw;1684731]Ajaxfall's Merching Guide - "Richness awaits you"

    Hello viewer, I am your friendly neighbourhood's Spiderman- *Panics* ah- I.. I mean Meemaw.... (That was close)

    Today I'm going to show you how to get massive money. Now, I'm going to be 100% honest, and everything I'm telling you, I've been through. These are personal experiences! So... lets get started! :)

    Step 1: "To make money, you have to have money!" ...
  5. The Insider Weekly Raffle Week 23!

    Quote Originally Posted by Remiem View Post

    Week 23!!

    As a Spacetime Insider you are eligible to enter our weekly raffle!

    Please read carefully because this raffle has changed a little to incorporate the Battle games. Only enter once!
    You can only select one game to receive your prize if you do win.

    To enter for your chance to win on Pocket Legends, Star Legends, Dark Legends and Arcane