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  1. selling lvl 10 tank set 3m.

    Quote Originally Posted by kth20009 View Post
    as the title says.
    gears i sell-
    ss pot lvl 10 with 1 para 1 stand dia
    awakened- 1% all stats, 5str
    icescale *** set full stand dia
    vigor *** full dia
    tarlok pot str full dia
    not inculding new belt. sry

    u can ask me for a single, but i prefer selling with set.
    leave ur applys or
    pm me in game.
  2. Yeti set , speed set & more

    Quote Originally Posted by andyh0510 View Post
    Speed set dex start bid at 7.5m

    Kurshal vanity start bid at 4.2m

    Yeti set start bid at 20m

    Ign stash
  3. Tips & Tricks: Quick Gear Swap

    It's time for another Tips & Tricks and this time I will show you how to do a quick gear swap. I know many of you already knows how to do this, but if there's someone who don't know how to do, it's worth showing.

    Quick gear swap let's you swap your gear quickly while running away from your opponent. Basically, it is really simple and could count in handy in a lot of situations.

    Before we start, you have to enable "Tap to move" in the settings. This is ...

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    Pocket Legends , Tips & Tricks
  4. Tips & Tricks: Gear presets (Level 15 Warrior)

    Having presets of gear is something everyone should have to quickly change gear depending on fight and situation. Pocket Legends is limited to four presets which makes it more important to have the right ones available. This blog post will list my suggested gear presets for level 15 warriors as of december 2016.

    Preset 1: SBL

    This is the preset of gear I use against enchantresses. Snowball Launcher is the key component in this preset and the idea is to freeze the enchantress ...

    Updated 12-16-2016 at 04:03 PM by Caztori

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    Pocket Legends , Tips & Tricks
  5. Winter Fest 2016

    Yesterday the winter fest got released and I just wanted to thank STS for the great update!

    They had put some effort into this update and I really enjoyed collecting this year's vanities. But the question is - how will this update affect level 15 twinks?

    To be honest, not much at all. Winter Fest didn't came with the x5 level weapons (15, 25, 35 etc.) as we saw in 2010 so there will be no new gear for us to collect. I didn't expect that to happen, but ever since 2010, ...

    Updated 12-14-2016 at 04:08 PM by Caztori

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