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  1. Arcane Legends Farming Mayhem The Movie! Is Out Now! @Spacetime studios @Everyone

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    I hope all of you enjoy this movie i worked on! it took me a whole month and a couple of weeks to finish this movie! i'm so exhausted now haha i love you all! every.
    single. one. of YOU!!!!

  2. **Thread Updated**We Are The Beasts Of Arlor Join The Satanic Cult and be one with us

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    We are recruiting ALL LEVELS for now!!!! Join us as we've just started the guild fresh and hot and become one of the demons of arlor and rise up the rank in the guild to become one with the star and blade, Thank you for reading, You are all awesome people!

    Thank you for reading.

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  3. The ultimate guide to a warriors combat spirit!

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    Hello to all of you beautiful people in the arcane legends community spacetime studios staff, i hope you all are having an amazing happy new year.

    I am here to teach you warriors out there to get a full grasp on the warriors power on PVP & PVE play fields.

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    The first warrior spec build i'll be teaching is the:

    ===All Out Brutality&Swiftness combat===
    (PVE SPEC)