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  1. For all those blaming STS for the money scam websites

    you can't just stop random people from making an could be an innocent person or a never know what's going on in someone's mind.

    These people program bots to make accounts with random info and just spam the same message everywhere it's all programmed on what to click to go ahead and once they have reached the destination they start spamming and when they get banned by support they make another account and start all over again.

    You know what ...
  2. How to farming ren gol crate EASILY and Efficiently on KM3 !!

    As we know KM 3 is the best place for peoples to farm locked crate of Ren gol either nexus' egg,but some of us dont know how to get it easily.Dont worry about that because i have the solution.Watch the link below : (Farming on KM3) (Farming on Arlor Map)

    P.S: Dont forget to subscribe,share,and like because on the 1st Janury 2016 i will giveaway items for the lucky person !!
  3. Winter Legendary Weaps?

    Quote Originally Posted by epicrrr View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Memorials View Post
    Can you guys help get this thread noticed? I'd appreciate that, would mean a lot

    Attachment 144757

    Heres the pic of the weapons that should of released
    sad its dagger and shield, mages rejoices again!
    lol ikr x) and i love the staffs... but i want a good gun zzz. Miss my beloved guns ;-;
  4. I am Communion

    To all those fellow twinks out there.

    Guys... I am not the L17 rhino that goes by the name of "Zillionareee" meaning I am also not the master of the guild <L 17>.

    Sorry for all those who misunderstood and told me information meant to only be for Zillionareee.

    I, myself have no idea how this rumour started.

    I don't know what this messge was about but someone in PvP privated messaged me saying Something about disbanning ...
    Player Vs Player
  5. Start PvPing Low Level NOW!!!

    This thread is an advertisement for those players who used to do, or do not PvP at a low level.

    Being a low level means a lot, it isn't like you have an unlimited amount of mana because of your high regeneration due to the variety of items to use while being an endgame PvPer and an over powered amount of hp regeneration.

    As a low level, there aren't lots of items to use apart from over powered noob gear like the L1 rhino deafult war hammer item ( if anyone agrees ). ...

    Updated 12-18-2015 at 07:05 AM by Communion