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  1. The arlorian festive carnival and the music concert stars events! Your thoughts? :D

    Quote Originally Posted by Flamesofanger View Post
    What if we had 2 mini games that low level players from shuyal and above can participate and earn some gold to gear up and players can sit back and relax while

    listening to custom music made by the players! ^_^

    Please guys no drama and have a good day!

    Any feedback is appreciated, let me know what your thoughts are on these 2 features.

    Name:  The_arlorian_Carnival_Target_booth_With_a_pretty_innocent_smurf_of_death_XD.png
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    Name:  The_arcane_legends_music_rock_guitar_concert!!!.png
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  2. Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think of this vanity design? Yay or nah? :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Flamesofanger View Post
    #UPDATE: I've lowered the brightness/contrast to make it a less eye burning experience! Let me know what you guys think! o_o

    Been a while since i've posted a vanity design thread, just put this all together for fun. Yeah i know too shiny lol

    But yeah, let me know what you all think!

    Please guys no drama.

    Thank you guys and have a wonderful glorious day. ^_^

    Name:  Vanity_Made_Of_Pure_Golden_Coating_V3.png
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  3. INSANE ASYLEM- official guild page

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowdager View Post
    Welcome to INSANE ASYLEM!

    Name:  a42e2d635313629d4598fc0ae580b980.jpg
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    Guild Master: Argoub

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  4. Pocket Legends Discord server!!!!!!

    Please join the Pocket Legends Discord server!!!
  5. Insane asylem

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