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  1. Exp Requirement Guide (Reference)

    Quote Originally Posted by Apa View Post
    This is a guide to give you a little more knowledge about Exp per level. And Exp from a level to another level. Some calculations have been done for you.

    The levels are on the right (in colour).
    The xp required to reach the next level is shown next to each level.
    Eg. 77- 20,000
    You must gain 20,000 Exp to reach level 78.

    The list is as follows:

    Extremely Easy
    1 - 3
    2 - 5
    3 - 12
    4 - 14
  2. Sell Maria egg

  3. The story about Blue Money + short gold guide

    Quote Originally Posted by Ipooponfifteens View Post

    How do I get rich? Many people wonder how to get rich now people here is this story that will make you yes you! Smelly rich you get so rich that you will not only get rogue women walking behind you but also thick warriors but if you prefer neither, I ask you to marry and hum a Mage with a flat pancake booty "They do give mana" Okay, okay,
    let's tell about the truth, and that's 90% in Arlor is poor, but how come?

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  4. Sell Heroic Snaggletooth/Maria Egg Pm ur offer

  5. Sell Heroic Snaggletooth/Maria Egg Pm ur offer

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