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  1. How i manage to survive arcane legends ( end game edition)

    I'm no end game expert but the tips that i got from multiple players that i run with helped me survived in the game:

    TIP 1:
    being an end game toon you have to know what you need to prioritize me personally i buy a lot of vanities and that is a waste of gold lol

    first find the right gear and start with a good pet for starters i literally enjoyed august (free egg in /promo amazon) because he provides mana regen which
  2. An apology to the community

    Warning: The following idea is quite long winded, if you have been diagnosed with an attention disorder such as ADD, ADHD, AADD; proceed to the bold sections.

    First off, I apologize up front for not being able to deliver what I set out to do; over the years I have developed numerous guides that have found their way to the Internet, all for various games which I found to be exciting and worth my time in the moment... Somehow I think that moment has passed with STG. This is my realization ...
  3. Serial 1: Planar Arena

    There will be decribe of technicues for all bosses with all kind of environments.

    Proximity curse: When your ally step into blue (purple) circle around you, they will die.
    Enrage: Stand near by gate and pull boss. Enrage timer doesnīt start when: You nor pet donīt attack on obelisk and donīt go close to the obelisk, so you have to stay out of small circle in the middle of arena. Area of effect spells and pets with multiple target can easily start the timer. ...

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  4. Ajaxfall's Gold Guide (MUST READ!!!)

    [QUOTE=Meemaw;1684731]Ajaxfall's Merching Guide - "Richness awaits you"

    Hello viewer, I am your friendly neighbourhood's Spiderman- *Panics* ah- I.. I mean Meemaw.... (That was close)

    Today I'm going to show you how to get massive money. Now, I'm going to be 100% honest, and everything I'm telling you, I've been through. These are personal experiences! So... lets get started! :)

    Step 1: "To make money, you have to have money!" ...
  5. Level 5 Twink limitations?

    Had some time to spare this week and decided to continue with my ULTIMATE twin guide series and my idea was to create a level 5 warrior twink. I already got a level 5 warrior STR twink since a long time, but that build isn't too great. Therefore, I made me a new one to test out the well known twink build (especially at levels 10-20); DEX Bear.

    I am merching to keep my economy alive and at the time, I had a L5 Artisan's armor so I tried it out on my level 5 warrior. Here comes the ...
    Pocket Legends
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