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  1. Grand Opening of the STS Games Discord Community!

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    ~:!Grand Opening!:~

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    STS Discord (Community)

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    !About Us!

    This Discord community has the sole purpose of uniting everyone onto one single lively platform with unique features to keep us connected all the time and not
  2. Accidentally Reawakened my Duggar Dagger

  3. 2020-12-17 Content Update (280421)

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    Later on i try buying more platinum and buying platinum based items putting them as credits type buying at a reasonable price thats the problem on Star Legends game run with us gotta have the implants and armor and ways to farm and location at too farm 🤠.
  4. Gold loot mechanism

    Can someone explain how gold loot works to me?
  5. When can I post thread

    Iím trying to post thread but I need 10 posts first so here I am snoop
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