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  1. My thoughts on current state of Hydra

    Quote Originally Posted by alonehope View Post
    as u all can see rouges just go hydra whit each other or their gf/bf

    in this place we have lot mage and war whit out pt and some of them go random

    and there is 2 mage and 2 war normally that raid take 10min in this time rouge pt run 10-12 time

    in this case there is 2 way fix that problem whit buffing ds / bs proc and war

    in normal pt if u have 2 normal rouge u can run in 1min and 10 sec

    no matter what that 2 other class
  2. == FlamesOfAngers == Design Shop! /Forum Signatures, Logo's And More!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Flamesofanger View Post
    Name:  Flamesofangers design shop welcoming introduction.png
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    Welcome to my design shop. Make yourselves comfortable, grab a cold drink and let me know if you'd like something.

    Name:  Flamesofangers design shop instructions on how to receive service!.png
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    The $$$-Price-$$$ Of A Signature Design Is = 520k Gold

    The $$$-Price-$$$ Of A Guild Logo/Banner Is = 515k Gold

    The $$$-Price-$$$ Of A Guild Contest - Event Poster is = 510k Gold


    Updated 09-16-2018 at 04:13 AM by Flamesofanger

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  3. Help our star legends is down :-\

    Developers and Administrators whats with Contacting Server app is fried!
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  4. Star Legend administrators auction needs to limit high price stiffing on items.

    If they gonna sell item sell it at a reasonable price ;-) if they got old vanitys i guess its reasonable to sell at 50 million to 80 million but Weaoons n armor n implants n ingredients thats totally scandalous if they want item put in stash not auction! i say what i feel
  5. The ultimate guide to a warriors combat spirit! V2.0 /New!/

    Quote Originally Posted by Flamesofanger View Post
    Hello to all of you beautiful people in the arcane legends community spacetime studios staff, i hope you all are having an amazing happy new year.

    I am here to teach you warriors out there to get a full grasp on the warriors power on PVP & PVE play fields.

    Name:  A warriors true combat spirit unleashed to its max potential.png
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    The first warrior spec build i'll be teaching is the:

    ===All Out Brutality & Swiftness Combat===

    Updated 09-08-2018 at 04:00 PM by Flamesofanger

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