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  1. Teaser Time! Who Could These Two Be?

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    Happy Friday, Legends! I figured we'd end the work week with a fun little teaser of things to come. Now who could these two trouble makers be?
    Give me that pet plz
    My nik is → ladystrikerr
  2. Pvp at endgame

    [QUOTE=Deck Kun;1679209][color="#ff0000"]endgame pvp is getting boring with rage of ganger[/color][/QUOTE]
  3. "Guild Tax, Guild Bank, Guild Level-up Mechanic, and Guild Skills" Suggestion

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    I'll keep it as simple and brief since I know a lot have already been said about this (or not...), but hear me out, I'll try to link each idea to one another:


    1. Guild Level-up Mechanic is the ability to level-up a guild to acquire specific Guild Skills.
    2. Guild Skills are passive/active buffs and NPC's that will become available once the guild level requirement is met.
    3. Guild Tax is a member's contribution of his/her
  4. <SPRY> new guild. WE AIM FOR SUCCESS

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    okay so first off i would like to let everyone know what the term "spry" mean. "spry =active; nimble; agile; energetic; brisk." i have no idea why i choose that name for the guild accept that it looks cool.


    we are at the moment recruiting only level 25+ members, unless they are exceptionally good twinks. we want players that are both experienced and players that are fairly new to farming. we are always willing to help any one out. talk
  5. Is this a good Idea? Is this a good idea?

    I was thinking of giving a mail button for guild masters and officer
    So when members are offline they still get the message