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  1. The Showman's Exuberant Iguana Extravaganza (Part 1)

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    A Pocket Legends Commentary:

    Under the familiar tent, the show went on. Elephants paraded around like a show of mockery, lions jumping through hoops as though they could be tamed, and acrobatics walking the tight rope. But one figure, deep in the recesses of the show, was unseen. The iguana, the showman's personal pet, had a variety of tricks.

    This included back flips, front flips, contortions of the body, and hypnosis. However, his act was never seen by those at the
  2. Endgame sets

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    Here is kyraz bow set in town. (So NO pve bonus stats.
    Name:  IMG_1282.PNG
Views: 154
Size:  288.3 KB
    Here is in oktal map WITH pve bonus stats:
    Name:  IMG_1286.PNG
Views: 150
Size:  272.4 KB
    Here is kyraz set with blaster:
    Name:  IMG_1288.PNG
Views: 152
Size:  296.7 KB
    Here is the difference between black drag 3pc ring, and the 85 ring (being put on with kyraz set for boost:
    Name:  IMG_1287.PNG
Views: 149
Size:  312.7 KB

    Hope those stats helped for bird!
  3. Remembering Support

    A lot have happened in Pocket Legends since my last post from early January. This have changed and I'm going to post more about the changed here on the blog soon. But today it's time to remember Support, the old guild I once was a part of during 2013.

    I would consider my time in Support as one of the best periods during the time I've played Pocket Legends. And it has soon been 7 (!) years since I started. The reason I make this post now is because I recently deleted my 15 Enchantress ...

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  4. Opinion and Advice: Best mage build graveyard and mausoleum

    Quote Originally Posted by MrsAnnoying View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Back View Post
    Full INT or INT/STR hybrid. I prefer INT/STR hybrid as I rely on Immortal Staff procs rather than damage itself and it works great.

    Fire - 4/5 - "Sorch" not required.
    Gale - 5/5
    Clock - 4/5 - "Time Bomb" upgrade not required.
    Shield - 4/5 - "Displacement Wave" not required."

    Passive: 5/5 armor, 5/5 INT, STR, DEX

    a. 10/10 shield
    b. 10/10 Gale

    Gale mastery removes
  5. Buying kershal vanity

    Kindly leave your ign here. Thank you.
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