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  1. List of the new level 77-80 elite items

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    New level 77-80 sets

    The new cap is already a few days old and i didn't found any useful list of the new items so i think we should try to create one together
    I couldn't find all items so pls tell me if u know the stats of a missing one
    Ill add pictures after we finished this list

    Level 77 - Elites





    Proj.5 Mage Swords
  2. TRI Official Forum (#tombraidersinc)

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    Tomb Raiders Inc. (TRI) is now recruiting serious, helpful, friendly players. We are a very organized and steadily growing guild. We have a very useful support system to keep players progressing smoothly throughout their arcane experience.

    Our Goal: Improve gameplay experience, build friendships and work as a team to help others aid in farming (EG), XP gain, and progress through the land of Arlor.

  3. Energy drop rate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Imsofancy View Post
    First off, I just wanna say, if you have the "visit deth" quest from last year, you can still complete it! (I did)

    Second off, the energy drop rate this event is extremely low, not sure if this is due too so many different new loot drops available or if this was accidental. But if STS could look into this, many non energy buying players would be happy.

    Just me slapping my fingers on buttons.

  4. Enchanted Eye & Para Gems Dilemma

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeus View Post

    I've made a thread like this before but I strongly feel that this should be revisited. Before I begin, I would like to say that I have a number of enchanted eye gems already stored should this idea not be implemented but I would prefer that the Paracelsus and enchanted eye gems be returned to the game.

    Upon the release of the jewel system, not only did the highest level of jewels become incredibly expensive, especially when compared to their supergem counterpart
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  5. Ways to die in elite ren'gol

    Quote Originally Posted by Befs View Post

    Ways to die - in elite ren'gol

    1. PvP build

    Orc nab! Can't win without gang!

    2. The axe throw

    Let's run to boss! What's that axe?

    *pull back*


    3. Orc giant auto

    Of course I'm out of range...


    4. I can run no shield!

    I can go 4 attack skills!...

    RIP ankhs...

    5. What's that

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