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  1. New Elite Dungeon Is Here!

    A new elite dungeon is now playable in Pocket Legends: The Fire Forest on Blacksmoke Mountain!

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    Once you reach level 71, you will begin your adventure in the Fire Forest. To get in, you must have worn the Monarch Crown of Humania.

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    When you first enter the Fire Forest, Fireman Frank will call on you for help!

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    You will
    Pocket Legends
  2. First Run in Humania!

    Hey guys,

    So the other day, I finally had the chance to do my first run in Humania since I have to level up my lvl 66 Bird and catch up to y'all! The run was awesome and fun, had a pretty quiet team. When we beat the boss, I received a pink! I was like "WHOA A PINK ON MY FIRST RUN!!!" I don't think I ever got a pink before so I didn't know how rare it was lol. It was a staff of some tribe guy's head. Well anyway, being nice o' me, I gave the pink away to whoever needed it more. I ...
    Pocket Legends
  3. Pocket Legends Humania Expansion is Here!

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    Welcome to Pocket Legends - Humania!

    • New Campaign: Humania has been released! New adventure awaits on the Isle of Humania.
    • Level cap has been raised to 71.
    • All player abilities can now be increased to rank 7 for characters level 65 and over.
    • Pocket Legends now has Achievements and Titles! You can access them from your Avatar page.
    • Added support for logging in with Facebook and Google Accounts
    • Most user interface screens have
  4. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Pocket Legends and Star Legends with Bigger Luck!

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    This Saturday, March 17, marks the annual celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Join in the celebration in Pocket Legends and Star Legends with your very own Bigger Luck vanity helm, available now through next week in the Store for 25 Platinum. Yes, Bigger Luck grants more luck over last year's Big Luck.

    During the event, those who wave at people wearing Bigger Luck will get a little luck vanity helm. Have fun!
  5. Pocket Legends Client 1.7.6 Has Been Released!

    We have released a new Pocket Legends game client, version 1.7.6 that includes the following changes:

    • Meandering Minotaur Pet Pack now available in the Store! There is the chance for a rare "Overtime" Minotaur on pack purchase.

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      And the "rare" you have a chance of getting at
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