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  1. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Pocket Legends and Star Legends with Bigger Luck!

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    This Saturday, March 17, marks the annual celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Join in the celebration in Pocket Legends and Star Legends with your very own Bigger Luck vanity helm, available now through next week in the Store for 25 Platinum. Yes, Bigger Luck grants more luck over last year's Big Luck.

    During the event, those who wave at people wearing Bigger Luck will get a little luck vanity helm. Have fun!
  2. Star Legends Client 1.1.2 Has Been Released!

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    We have released a new Star Legends game client, version 1.1.2 that includes the following changes:

    • Gravity Well and Transference now function correctly in PvP settings
    • Users now have the option to watch video ads to earn free Platinum.
    • Take Revenge! If you die, you have the option to purchase a 15-second invulnerability buff
    • Fixed pause when a character enters a PvP match
    • You can now remove purchased elixirs from
  3. Unbound Gamer Four Week Editorial Review of Star Legends

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    Unbound Gamer takes a deep dive into Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles in a four week series on MMO2GO.

    Welcome to ‘MMO2GO’, a weekly column dedicated to the ins and outs of the world of mobile MMO’s. Over the course of four weeks I will be looking at different aspects of a mobile MMO and reporting back to you our readers on my experience. At the end of the four weeks I will say good-bye to one MMO and move on to the next one. I would
  4. Star Legends wins 2011 BEST MMO APP EVER

    The results are in and Star Legends: the Blackstar Chronicles takes on all comers and comes out on top to win the 2011 Best MMO Game Award in both the iOS and Android categories!

    This is huge accomplishment for Spacetime Studios, as we graduate from Pocket Legends winning multiple categories in last year's Best App Ever Awards. ...
  5. calls Star Legends "Top Dog Among Mobile MMOs!"

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    Joshua Munoz from gives a full review of Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles. Here is a clip of what he has to say:

    To wrap it up, Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles is the real deal. What Spacetime Studios has managed to