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  1. Buying Spirited Blade level40+ 15-17m budget

    Quote Originally Posted by Ragerules View Post
    need 100% goldLoot

    pm me in game or here
    -Ragerules online everytime
  2. My thoughts on current state of Hydra

    Quote Originally Posted by alonehope View Post
    as u all can see rouges just go hydra whit each other or their gf/bf

    in this place we have lot mage and war whit out pt and some of them go random

    and there is 2 mage and 2 war normally that raid take 10min in this time rouge pt run 10-12 time

    in this case there is 2 way fix that problem whit buffing ds / bs proc and war

    in normal pt if u have 2 normal rouge u can run in 1min and 10 sec

    no matter what that 2 other class
  3. == FlamesOfAngers == Design Shop! /Forum Signatures, Logo's And More!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Flamesofanger View Post
    Name:  Flamesofangers design shop welcoming introduction.png
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    Welcome to my design shop. Make yourselves comfortable, grab a cold drink and let me know if you'd like something.

    Name:  Flamesofangers design shop instructions on how to receive service!.png
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    The $$$-Price-$$$ Of A Signature Design Is = 520k Gold

    The $$$-Price-$$$ Of A Guild Logo/Banner Is = 515k Gold

    The $$$-Price-$$$ Of A Guild Contest - Event Poster is = 510k Gold


    Updated 09-16-2018 at 04:13 AM by Flamesofanger

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  4. Help our star legends is down :-\

    Developers and Administrators whats with Contacting Server app is fried!
  5. Star Legend administrators auction needs to limit high price stiffing on items.

    If they gonna sell item sell it at a reasonable price ;-) if they got old vanitys i guess its reasonable to sell at 50 million to 80 million but Weaoons n armor n implants n ingredients thats totally scandalous if they want item put in stash not auction! i say what i feel
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