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  1. sell many item mage take a look!!

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    30% MS 4% int mire helm c/o
    30% MS 10 all stat mire armor c/o
    30% MSskr gun c/o
    15% ED 4% int inf arti mind c/o
    80% GL 81 81mythic belt int type c/o
    10% BD 2% int 81mythic belt int type c/o
    50% GL ebon helm c/o
    50% GL mire armor c/o
    100% GL hyperos gun c/o
    12% BD hyperos gun c/o
    24% BD/ED skr gun c/o
    11% BD aquaris
  2. What we would like to see in Winterfest 2021

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    Just like a flash of lightning 2021 has already arrived at its tail end and what a year it's been . There have been a lot of great events so far this year and we're grateful for everything that we've gotten in terms of new additions to the game so thank you cinco and the rest of the development team .
    That said I wanted to come forward with a few suggestions for things that we the players would love to see in Winterfest this year and hopefully you can take these into consideration and implement
  3. Preview - The Alien Invasion Event! New Vanity Items! New Pet!

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    Thanks for the event cinco, thoroughly enjoyed farming it and getting some drops in but I've a few complaints and suggestions that I'd like to make respectfully .. First and foremost Myself and other players who made up the remaining part of the top 25 aren't too impressed with that space marine title cause come on , we had to grind for 2 grueling weeks to stay in lb just to get what? A bland looking title along with a choice of one bound item which isn't bad but at least make the title worth it
  4. 2021-11-23 Content Update (288098)

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    Quote Originally Posted by stonkedagain View Post
    Agreed but pretty sure it was a LB item so probably won’t come back for that reason.

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    They already brought back other lb exclusive items so I see no reason why that shouldn't come back as well , same with the first elder gems and the first elder weapons (ravagers , cleavers and elder hellscream). If they aren't being brought back the bound versions should at least be made tradeable IMO
  5. Sell kill ring 6%INT 1%DEX

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