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  1. Mission Crabs! - Holidays at Kraken aditional story!

    "Have you ever heard about those Crabs at The Isles of Kraken? No, I do not mean those crabs whom have awesome taste of meat, I am talking about those Evolved ones!
    They are Chaos and Evil creatures.
    They are famous for they cruelty and impresive, ugly philosophy "Every being who have not evolved" (They are originaly from true crabs, but within a centuries they have become something new, something who gives you a fear when you look at it) "Is not worth of standing ...
  2. buying axes 31

    Quote Originally Posted by Question View Post
    buying axes 31 pm me
    IGN: Ladywillow

    offer: sanguine topx2, max gold, ghost, sanguine hat, eagle mask
  3. Ancient Caverns- Redemption or Aggravation?

    Source: Ancient Caves- Pinks/Elites with Stats and Pictures

    Tues., August 5, 2014

    A satirical analysis and critique of STG's latest move for PL:

    About a week or so from today, the whole Pocket Legends community (or rather, just the devoted endgame community) received news of a so-called Blast from the Past from one of Spacetime "Games'" newer moderators, Remiem. Immediately, a regularly ghost-town Pocket Legends forums transformed into ...

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  4. Selling lunar +15 INT , buying lockeds crates PM me Ty :))

    Hi guys,
    Selling lunar +15 INT 700k
    Buying lockeds
    Pm me Ty
    Ign: Raselph |or|
    Ign: Gleamous

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santosh Elangadi View Post
    making kills and flagging in pvp must give u specific amount of gold or lucky platinum will be more fun.

    for CTF: 1 flag = 3k-5k gold, 1 kill : 25 -50 gold. Bonus gold who makes highest kills and flags/1-5 plat.

    for dm: 1 kill: 25-50 gold, 1 king: 200-500 gold and highest killer gets 1k-2k gold bonus/1-2 plat.

    At least introduce these so that pvper who is unlucky in pve and also who wont get plats can also enjoy the game and compete pro players and also