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  1. Kraken Isles Expansion Coming to Arcane Legends in Late February.

    The Kracken Isles Expansion is Coming! Level Cap Raise, New Content and Pirates!

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    Across the ocean south of Windmoore lies the Kraken Isles, a series of small islands rich in natural resources and grog. On the surface it looks like paradise but the land is rife with pirates and threatened by an ancient curse. ...
  2. Arcane Legends Development: PvP - Capture the Flag & Next Expansion

    4 vs. 4 Capture the Flag Player vs. Player Map Coming Soon!

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    Let's get ready to rumble!! Gather your friends and join the mayhem as 4v4 Capture the Flag is launching very soon!

    Fight opponents for control of the flag. Run the flag, scout, defend your flag or go all in... it is up to you! The first ...
  3. Android Authority - The Making of Arcane Legends [VIDEO]

    Joshua Munoz of Android Authority sits down with Cinco Barnes, Chief Visionary Officer at Spacetime Studios, to talk about the making of Arcane Legends, where the Legends franchise is headed, and where Spacetime Studios is headed as a game development company.

  4. The Making of Arcane Legends - Why it is the Culmination of the Legends Franchise

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    Lee Bradley from Pocket Gamer sits down with Spacetime Studios CEO Gary Gattis to discuss the business side of making Arcane Legends, correct IAP implementation and the challenges of mobile MMO development. Here's a clip:

    What were the key areas of innovation with Arcane Legends?

    One main innovation is our Companion system.

    We wanted to add a gameplay mechanic that the player could develop an emotional attachment
  5. KLRU Capital of Innovation with Spacetime Studios!

    Want to know more about Spacetime Studios, what we've done, and what we do? Check out this segment about the studio which aired on the Austin, Texas PBS affiliate channel

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