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Dark Legends

  1. looks at Dark Legends from GDC 2012

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    Karen Bryan from got to sit down with Gary Gattis, Spacetime Studios CEO, talk about gaming and also take a close look at the 3rd Legends title, Dark Legends that is releasing soon. Here is a snippet from the article:

    Gameplay is best described as "pick up and play," and it incorporates features from traditional MMOs as well as social games. Spacetime used the energy mechanic from social games and improved upon it to give
  2. Girl Gamer - Hands on (FANGS ON) with Dark Legends from GDC 2012

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    Girl Gamer writer Angel Thanatos got to sink her fangs into Dark Legends at this year's Game Developer's Conference. Here is a snippet of what she had to say:

    How much you invest is up to you. If you just want to get some hack and slash going or socialize at “Sanctuary,” the local Vamp hangout, you’re free to do so. If you wanna unlock all the achievements and weapons, you can do that, too. There is no “use it or lose it” mentality associated
  3. Ten Ton Hammer - Dark Legends First Look from GDC 2012

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    Ten Ton Hammer takes a long look at Dark Legends at this year's Game Developer's Conference. Here is a quick clip from the interview and review:

    But the biggest differentiating factor is playfully gory and Gothic air that permeates the game experience. Gary explained that the story is culled from an original IP envisioned by one of Spacetime’s designers called Empire of Night. The setup is similar to the most recent Underworld movie in
  4. First Look at Dark Legends - Exclusive Story and Gameplay Video on

    Here it is - the first look at the next mobile MMO in development by Spacetime Studios: the Vampire Adventure Dark Legends!

    Or watch on their YouTube Channel at

  5. What everyone wants to know: When can we see more of, or play Dark Legends?

    Since we released the official announcement of Dark Legends, we've seen a pretty non stop stream of questions asking things like:

    When can we see screenshots?
    What about some video?
    How is the gameplay?
    What are the classes?
    When is Beta?
    When can I PLAY!?

    It's awesome that you are so excited for the next title from Spacetime Studios! While we're not quite ready to answer all of the above questions, we can fill you in more about some ...
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