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  1. Creepypasta #1- Smile.jpg

    This is my first blog on creepypastas.. a creepypasta is a scary/horror story that can be true, but very unlikely.
    I did not write this story, but there are many, many creepypastas and I really enjoy reading them, so I wanted to spread them about

    WARNING: The photo shown at the end of the story has caused many people to have explicit fits during sleep.

    Spread the word..
    I first met in person with Mary E. in the summer ...
  2. HELP! I'm bored and I don't know what to do on the Internet!

    Hey there again!

    Lemme ask you guys a VERY VERY difficult question.

    Have you guys ever been bored?
    Bored, as in not having any homework to do?
    Bored, as in after playing some consecutive hours of PL and your eyes, fingers, and hands hurt?
    Well, when that happens, you just need to waste some time doing nonsense on the Internet!
    (Trust me, this happened to me today.)

    Grab a PC, and get ready for a little ...
  3. Fruit Ninja: Earn Starfruits Fast!

    Hello guys!
    Quick little intro to my blogs:
    I will make more blogs about Games,apps with topic of Earn Fast! as in Earn xp fast, earn money fast, ETC
    Ok just sit back and relax and start reading :D

    Fruit Ninja: The most popular game on the iOS App Store, Although there has been a lot of questions about its tips,tricks and more.
    Earning Starfruits: in some games u play, u could cut a fruit and automatically earns u bonus starfruits like +350 or +50. ...
  4. Happy birthday arg!!!!

    Hello Kiwihawk Fans!
    I Have Came Back To My Blog To Sayy...


    My Time With Arg Started With Me Seeing Siejo All Around The Forums And One Day I Found Him Ingame And Friended Him :D
    Then Later He Gave Me A Very Special Candle Wand Or "Torch" He Passed Down To Me! That Made My Day And Has Been Such A Cool Think That He Chose Me To Give ...
  5. A massive, serious and awesome suggestion !

    [SIZE=2]Hey y'all !

    Today, I woke up and had this idea of adding a new Vanity in Star Legends.
    An achievement Vanity, or a super expensive Platinum one, or even ultra rare one.
    And, I was thinking that the Halo's Master Chief helmet could be an awesome and wonderful Vanity helmet in game.
    I'm sure plenty of players would want it! It actually could be cool!
    Why not making an achievement super hard to earn it, or even like I said above, Platinum purchase ...
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