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  1. Welcome to the warriors world. (Help us! Please!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Flamesofanger View Post
    (No. I don't want the ebon aegis to get nerfed. Read the full thread please.)

    Ever since the ebon aegis was released. All warriors who don't have the aegis will be left behind maps 80% of the times.

    I know you guys will say: "But flame, work hard for the ebon aegis then!". How am i supposed to do that when i'm always left behind maps and forced to spend half an hour or more looking for a party or watching the guild list??!

    My warriors stats:

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  2. TriForce pets

    Ellie should have splash damage passive ability because she shoots a fire projectile. And hawkin should be able to target 3 enemys at once like the duskbringer bow. Gobi should be able to hit 4 enemys withs its sword throw
  3. [CONTEST] Swamp Snaps Screenshot Contest | DAY FIVE

    Quote Originally Posted by Xcwarrxc View Post
    IGN: Grow

    I hope this is counted. The boss is just delayed spawn in the picture.

    My screenshot:

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  4. [Design a Vanity!] Carrying the Weight of the Goblin Event on Your Shoulders

    Quote Originally Posted by Azerothraven View Post
    Why not design actual vanities like armour and helm and wings instead of banner and back?

    someone explain to her back is wings THANKS LOL
  5. [Design a Vanity!] Carrying the Weight of the Goblin Event on Your Shoulders

    Quote Originally Posted by merlintrue View Post
    Name:  PicsArt_05-21-10.38.58.jpg
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    type:backpack I call "extinction savior"
    description: I don't have access to fine equipment lol!! but the idea was scorch,magma, nekro,n singe being saved from extinction carried in a heros back pack! as seen magma is near falling out and scorch plan is as a player walks he pumps up and down in n out the bag!
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