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  1. Guide: how to get "rich" on AL via farming!

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    Ello all,

    Shall get straight to the point!

    Step 1. Make a character. Read up about it in the class discussion. Get enough knowledge to know whats what about your chosen character(pets skills gear).

    Mages if u want to farm easy maps. Rogues if you want to get a party at endgame for planar-like hard areas. Remember mages use a lot less potions than rogues when it comes to grinding tombs and easy elites.

    Step 2. Start off by doing all the
  2. Red Deary? Lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Serillex View Post
    I heard something weird from my guildmates and others that they saw Red Deary saying you never saw me lol Is that real? They saw it in Tindirin Wilds (Normal) Its actually really weird lol.
  3. Signature Giveaway

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    " Its takes real skill to choke on air, fall up stairs and trip over completely nothing.
    I have that skill.."
    my quote
    IGN: Redfevers( AL )
  4. For all those blaming STS for the money scam websites

    you can't just stop random people from making an could be an innocent person or a never know what's going on in someone's mind.

    These people program bots to make accounts with random info and just spam the same message everywhere it's all programmed on what to click to go ahead and once they have reached the destination they start spamming and when they get banned by support they make another account and start all over again.

    You know what ...
  5. How to farming ren gol crate EASILY and Efficiently on KM3 !!

    As we know KM 3 is the best place for peoples to farm locked crate of Ren gol either nexus' egg,but some of us dont know how to get it easily.Dont worry about that because i have the solution.Watch the link below : (Farming on KM3) (Farming on Arlor Map)

    P.S: Dont forget to subscribe,share,and like because on the 1st Janury 2016 i will giveaway items for the lucky person !!