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  1. A New building in DL!

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    There's a little bit of buildings in Dl so i was thinking wouldn't it be cool to add a new one? Like you know like Sanctuary , streets..etc Why not add a place where you can spectate players in ctf or Dm. To be honest >.< i kinda got this idea from another thread but added the part about adding a new building but the spectating part was from another thread .Ya know when you really wanna do PvP and the games full all you really can do at that point is just sit around at streets or farm so
  2. The Legends Trilogy: New Beginning

    *Read the prequel "The Legends Trilogy: The Future" right now if you haven't!*

    I spotted a Haron fleet next to the wormhole they came from. I have an idea. I can shut the wormhole! I told Daria about this idea.
    Daria: Seems like a good idea to me.
    Aldorin: Open fire and destroy the fleet. Then shut the wormhole.
    *After ten minutes*
    Daria: The wormhole is shut. Now they won't be able to come back forever.

    Then I spotted a big Kaitian ...
  3. The Legends Trilogy: The Medieval Ages

    *Read the prequel "Past Life: The Portal" first! You can find it in PL fan stories in the forum."
    I am Aldorin, and I'm an elemental wizard. I live in Windmoore City in the land of Arlor.

    Well, It all started when I entered the academy of elemental magic. I learnt herbology, making medicine and potions and using nature in the first year (earth), using the power of weather and gases in the second year (air), controlling time, defense and using the power of solids ...

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  4. The Legends Trilogy: The Future

    *Read the prequel "The Legends Trilogy: The Medieval Ages" right now if you haven't!*

    I was an elemental wizard in the land of Arlor. I lived in the Great City of Kraag. I was the general of an army. Ardune was the commander of the army. We ventured to Nordr and fought off the enemies until we fell off a cliff. The army plunged to their deaths. Ardune and I survived.

    Suddenly, a person appeared out of thin air. He said that he is Stephan. He asked us to hold ...

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  5. Armor Analysis and it's impact on Damage Reduction

    Quote Originally Posted by Carapace View Post
    You guys always impress us with your diligence and analytic information! Its great when you do things like this because it can be another perspective on a calculation or the way something works that is incorrect or should be looked at. When it comes to armor, it is not as clear cut a thing to externally test due to the number of variables involved however.

    Here's a high level view of % Damage Reduction per point of armor per level.
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