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  1. [Design a Vanity!] Carrying the Weight of the Goblin Event on Your Shoulders

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    type:backpack I call "extinction savior"
    description: I don't have access to fine equipment lol!! but the idea was scorch,magma, nekro,n singe being saved from extinction carried in a heros back pack! as seen magma is near falling out and scorch plan is as a player walks he pumps up and down in n out the bag!
  2. Swap tox ring 50gl, 1% All

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    Swap tox ring 50gl, 1% All
    Tox pot ring 15ms+++ awake
    Trade to Bad awake + gold
    Sold out in game
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  3. Selling voice Robe for mage and 50 crate keys.

    °Voice of the order Robe hexstone fully awakened no jewels stocked
    °50 crate keys
    Leave me the price here or contact me ig.
  4. 2019-05-10 Content Update (265305)

    Why not put those recipes in chests since the beginning? In any case zhulong drop will be ridiculous lol. Plat draining event smh
  5. Spectator Mode

    Quote Originally Posted by burntoutdex View Post
    i would personally, love a spectate screen. i have always wanted to spectate high level endgame ctf. It would be a really nice addition to the game - perhaps even inspiring more people to try PvP and reach endgame to partake in ctf (of which i am assuming there's a lot of, i might be wrong.)

    I think, however, it should have chat disabled so that players who are spectating are unable to see the chat of the PvP (incase there is any toxicity.)

    Perhaps to program it without