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  1. Sell Norse Hammer

    Sell norse hammer no c/o auto 6m
  2. S> Arlor Harvest Straw Hat(R)

    Quote Originally Posted by Rihc View Post
    bump bump bump!!
    Update: New c/o 25m
  3. precise order fury

    I am buying only order precise fury leave your price I will contact you as quickly as possible
    ing; onetono
  4. Preview - The Rise of Fel Taras, the Ancient One...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rawrbaby View Post
    Can u fix the drops I been farming for almost 5hrs and I havenít droped anything besides blood crystals... and some of us been farming for hours as well and donít drop anything Yet a lvl 4 goes in and drops the new angel set less then 20 min of playing :/ hereís my suggestion >Make the new angel set more drop friendly players want it badly or put it as plat
    Iíd buy the new angel for 500 plat if u make it for plat and others would to... please consider making it plat buyable thank
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  5. Selling chasmal helm 50gl ebon armor(W) 50gl

    Quote Originally Posted by Headclot View Post
    MY IGN:Headclot you can mail me

    Chasmal helmet 50 gl for offers
    ebon armor (W) 50 gl for offers
    Avarice ring 2 awakes for offers
    Ebon aegis 100gl for offers
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