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  1. TITLE YOUTUBER suggestion

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    I Will give a suggestion of the title youtubers your possible requirements and your advantages for arcane legends.

    Not is the best edition but you can see

    Attachment 207378

    Attachment 207377

    The requirements are just my suggestions. If accepted, they could be something else.

    - 1.500+ subs on youtube.
    - 50+ videos on Arcane Legends.
    - 50.000+ Views Videos on Arcane Legends.
  2. Tips & Tricks: Why you NEVER should use Paw as a Warrior

    They where more common before, but I still see them sometimes. Paw Bears.

    Paw Bears are basically a DEX Warrior using Fiendish Monkey’s Paw as their main weapon. On the paper, Paw is a great weapon (even the best for enchantresses), but when it comes to warriors, it could be dangerous to only look on the paper.


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