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  1. Planar Tomb 2 run : post dreaded dog ninja buff!

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    Planar Tomb 2 there's been a buff, people are running this map like pre-buff and dying by unnecessary dog and giant pulls, those dogs are now boss status, meaning one hit kills. Here are some tips on T2, it's not the fastest but it'll save ankhs and deaths. You really only need to encounter one giant and no more than 2 dogs.

    The first pull, is at a point below, this resets the mage. Also pull the skelly on far left next to the dog but NOT THE DOG. You can do this by hugging the wall

    Updated 12-01-2015 at 07:32 PM by Xorrior

  2. The Insider Weekly Raffle Week 43!

  3. (Warrior) Selling Galen trunk 100k,steel commando 100k,romance robe 100k,crimson wing

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